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"...let your light shine before men, that they may see
your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:16

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Kéanu’s Moon

Sea Turtles, Otters and Dolphins…Oh My!...

Kimberly Voller, CAST Director and Michele Hellyer, Freelance Writer

The wonders of life underwater will be seen by the residents of Marengo and the surrounding area in late April when Kéanu’s Moon premiers. This is an original story written by Michele Hellyer and Kimberly Voller, who is also the CAST director. Not more than a year ago, Kimberly had approached Michele about an idea that she had been thinking about for a long time…writing an original play for CAST (Christian Arts Student Theater). She knew it would be an underwater show, focused on the beautiful sea turtles of the Pacific Ocean. Kimberly had many unique and personal “visions” but needed to connect the dots. She knew the person for the job and made the call. Michele, a local author and contributor to our very own Marengo-Union Times and as Kimberly says “has a gift with words”. They have actually known each other since 2006, having children that attended Zion together, even working on CAST shows in the past. During a casual meeting at McDonald’s Kimberly presented her idea and Michele gladly accepted. Over the summer characters were born, storylines were developed and a very special turtle named Kéanu would steal their hearts. Finally, by October the final draft was done and what seemed impossible became a reality! Over 60 children between the ages of 5-18 were cast in January for this remarkable story. The characters are so lively and personable, they will make you laugh, tap your toes and cheer. Michele and Kimberly felt it very important that real life messages were intertwined into the story from facing your fears to appreciating the world around you. Original songs have been written to compliment the show, along with a few that you may recognize. When this story was being written, experiences from both women’s lives would influence different concepts, but one in particular would become a celebration of a friend’s life. There is a scene that is inspired by an annual field trip by Zion’s 7th grade class have taken the past four years (and will continue to do so). As they hoped Katie Kloess would see the play and be surprised by how her “trip” found its way into Kéanu’s Moon, that can’t happen now. Kimberly and Michele have lovingly decided to dedicate the production to their dear friend Katie and celebrate the kindness she has left in our hearts. The ladies know she will be watching, with her trademark big smile.

Tickets are on sale NOW. Kéanu’s Moon performances will be held on April 28-30, 2017 at Marengo Community High School.